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Mortgage Calculator

Our simple free mortgage calculator will give you an idea of the monthly payments you can expect to pay, based on the APR of some of the leading mortgages currently available.

It's important to note that this calculator is simply a guide to give you an indication of the monthly payments you can expect to pay.

To find out exactly what your mortgage costs will be including any valuation fees and setup fees, you should speak to an independent mortgage advisor. To speak to an independent mortgage advisor, fill in the simple form.

Use and duplicate the free mortgage calculator tool...

Advice for an Accurate Calculation

Find out precisely what your new mortgage repayments could be by using the form on the right. It's more than a mortgage calculator as you will get actual figures from an independent mortgage advisor. Figures will be based on the mortgage rates of the very best mortgages currently available.

This information is provided by an independent mortgage advisor, with access to the latest deals across the whole of the mortgage market.

Mortgages are complex financial products. Headline rates can be very misleading due to other factors such as early redemption penalties, set up fees, valuations fees, restrictions on who is eligible for the mortgage and lock in rates once an introductory rate has expired.

In addition to details of potential monthly repayments you will also be given details of any additional fees and costs involved in taking a mortgage.

Furthermore you will be presented with various mortgage options, each explained in detail, so you can choose which type of mortgage will be most suitable for your needs.

Read more about the benefits of using a mortgage advisor.

Information is provided free, without obligation.

Welcome to Mortgage Calculator

So you have made up your mind that you want to buy a house. You may have even found that perfect property that matches all your family's wants and needs or for buying to let. But what is the next step? Whether you have been there and done it or are a first time buyer, finding a mortgage that ticks all of the boxes can be very confusing because it is never an easy task.

There has never been a better time in terms of the range of types of mortgage on the market today. There is a huge variety of fixed rate and variable rate mortgages available, not to mention specialist mortgage products, and yet getting the perfect mortgage to suit you is rather tricky today.

The marketplace is absolutely saturated with mortgage providers, from high street banks to specialist lenders to online lenders. It can take an age to search through all of your options for the best products, but then there is the cost. This should be an absolute priority when it comes to selecting the best mortgage product for you because the repayment level must be affordable for you. If it is not then you could find yourself in a world of trouble a little further down the line.

So how can you find out whether a mortgage is affordable or not? How do you determine whether it can fit into your budget? This is where the mortgage calculator comes in handy. It can tell you everything you need to know.

There are two main types of mortgage calculator - the simple and the complex. The simple mortgage calculator will help to give you a rough idea of the amount you should expect to pay every month from the interest rate, the length of the loan and the mortgage amount. It is not guaranteed to be accurate because the final amount you pay is obviously determined by the deal that you opt for, and this is where the complex mortgage calculator steps in.

The complex mortgage calculator will help you to find the actual deal that you want and need from a whole host of products in just three quick and easy steps:

Step One - Choose between buying a property, buying to let and remortgaging your property, and then input the amount you would like to borrow over your choice of term.

Step Two - Input the value of the property that you want to buy and then answer the questions on the page. You will have to declare whether or not you are self-employed, if you are a first time buyer and if you have ever had CCJs, an IVA, missed mortgage payments or declared yourself bankrupt.

Step Three - Finally, simply fill in a few personal details to get your quotes and recommendations.

It really is that easy! The form will take less than five minutes to fill in so it is more time efficient without any of the hassle of obtaining quotes manually yourself. There is no better way to find the best deal for you.

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Our mortgage calculator will help you to find the right mortgage.
Mortgage Guide

* it is possible that some mortgage advisors will charge a fee for arranging specialist mortgages. When you speak with a mortgage advisor always make sure you check whether they charge any fees, and if so why.


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